We provide comprehensive video production and post-production. We take pictures and design animations, promotional films, aerial shots. We implement the latest virtual reality technology in the form of moving images, 360-degree footage.

Promotional films

advertising spots, tutorials, corporate films

360-degree footage

virtual reality

Event coverage

after movie, reportage

Aerial photography

aerial shots – drone

LED bands

animations for LED bands


Promotional videos are a modern tool for presenting goods and services. The film, depending on the needs, can present the company’s products, its history, the modern technologies used
in the company.

We create high quality, FULL HD footage that impresses with its dynamics, content and editing. We record what is important, unique, special – capturing the atmosphere through a combination of beautiful shots, perfectly fitting music and striking editing.

We also use a drone for aerial shots during our productions.

We take an individual approach to each project and use the best technology solutions. Our team ensures the uniqueness and perfection of the materials created.

We can guarantee:

  • Reliability and accuracy in the production of footage
  • Effective and professional editing
  • Enthusiastic and friendly work atmosphere


When organising even a small event, it is worth thinking about a short summary film of the event. It can be sent to participants as a souvenir and at the same time be promotional material for subsequent events organised.

Professional coverage of the event, which can be posted on websites, will certainly demonstrate the possibilities and encourage participation in future editions while showing professionalism and commitment.

As part of the coverage, we provide background music and voiceover, enriching it with appropriate animated elements created during post-production.


Animations for films

We enrich our film productions with tailor-made animations adopted to the needs of a productions. These are sophisticated, modern and dynamic moving images that fit effectively into the footage. We create special opening credits and intros and enhance the footage with special effects.

Animations for the Internet

Dynamic animations on websites are currently the key element used in their design. They most often appear as website headers (tops), banners (animated presentations of an advertising nature) or intros (first pages of websites). Animation and film footage is also currently being inserted as backgrounds to individual page elements. We use the latest dedicated animation tools to create these types of elements. Also note that Flash technology has already been superseded, but it still proves to be indispensable for some purposes. For this reason, in order to meet the expectations and needs of our clients – we produce animations in standards compatible with the planned advertising campaigns.

Animations to presentations

To capture the attention of business audiences, multimedia presentations include moving images in the form of presentations. Our animations may become an integral part of Prezi, Flash or PowerPoint presentations.

360-degree films

360-degree films are modern entertainment accessible to everyone. Move on to the world of virtual reality!

We provide comprehensive spherical film recording and processing services


We photograph and film using an unmanned flying platform known as a drone. It is guaranteed that the most dynamic scenes can be captured with 240 fps camera resolution.

This allows for unique images with smooth and dynamic frame changes.

Our designs are used for advertising, tourism, business and private purposes.

Our Quadcopter can climb to a height of 250 m and fly at 35 km/h. Thanks to a special gyro head, the recorded image is stable and smooth, and the drone is equipped with a built-in Naza-M + GPRS system for reliable flight characteristics.


Support of sponsors is necessary for sporting events to take place. Among state-of-the-art techniques for communicating sponsorship at sporting events is advertising displayed on LED panels.

We offer the creation of animations for telebim systems placed at sports venues at attractive prices. We produce animations based on the materials you send us, your logo, website, advertising slogan.

We are experienced in designing dynamic and eye-catching advertisements presented on LED bands at major sporting events.


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