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We provide a comprehensive service for conferences on three different levels.
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we transfer events to the network!

For more than 7 years we have specialised in online broadcasting / streaming to the Internet
and successfully completed several hundred on-line productions.

Main services:

On-line transmissions

Multi-camera streaming to YouTube, Facebook

Multimedia and Screens

LED screens, projectors, screens, Tv-sets, a multimedia lectern sound systems

sound systems

sound systems for events, conferences, sport events, concerts


lighting for events, conferences and concerts


We are a close-knit team, spending thousands of hours preparing for projects. We are passionate about delivering events, we draw from our experience and our driving force is the satisfaction of our clients and the things we do for them.

We specialise in the all-in-one organisation of events with state-of-the-art technology. We provide SHOCKING visual and audio creations. We make animations and promotional films. We do professional multimedia production at the event. We make animations and promotional films.

In addition, we broadcast on-line to Facebook, YouTube or other streaming platforms so that your event reaches people all over the world.

The success of our work is guaranteed by relationships, experience, competence, energy and a positive atmosphere.



We will make unrestricted multi-camera video transmission to any Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LiveStream or your own server. Simultaneously, we will transmit the image to any medium, TV system, Projectors, LED walls. Transmission via a professional video mixer from as many as 20 cameras. Multi-layered display of content with an option of adding in animations, images, caption beams and other information.

online broadcasting
screens and multimedia

We supply and install multimedia screens, telebims at events and sporting events. We design graphics, boards and animations specifically for your needs.


We provide sound and lighting for all kinds of events. We provide light and sound services for events, conferences, meetings and galas. We provide audiences with even and clear sound and extraordinary lighting effects.

sound and light
videos and animations

We produce promotional videos, aftermovies and event coverage for companies. We create all animations, visuals and much more from scratch. With our team of film professionals, you will receive video content of the highest quality.

We rent equipment, tools, devices so that you are able to handle your event yourself. Rental of film equipment, lighting, sound, TV sets, large format screens.

equipment rental
event production

We will plan your event for you, find a venue, design the whole event from A to Z, take care of interesting attractions, take care of every aspect in detail from the handling of the event on site in terms of images, lights, sound, multimedia





event industries


We understand the need to follow technological innovations. Keeping abreast of innovations and trends, we see a further need for change and diversity in order to enhance the quality and attractiveness of services – seeking and setting new directions in the industry We meet the expectations and ambitions of our customers through a constant striving for perfection. Every event is different for us and we execute each one with extreme care. We know very well that visual and audio creations speak for themselves – so have a look at our offer.


Juwenalia Politechniki Krakowskiej 2022

Juwenalia Politechniki Krakowskiej 2022

Juwenalia Politechniki Krakowskiej 2022 Majowe juwenalia to nieodłączny element życia studenckiego. Organizowane są przez studentów na wszystkich uczelni wyższych w Polsce. Według tradycji historia imprezy sięga aż 59 roku n.e. –  organizowane zostały igrzyska...

Festiwal Zawodów 2022 – Małopolska Zawodowa

Festiwal Zawodów 2022 – Małopolska Zawodowa

Nasza obsługa Festiwalu Zawodów 2022 Festiwal Zawodów to wydarzenie będące zwieńczeniem działań prowadzonych w zakresie doradztwa zawodowego dla uczniów szkół podstawowych w całym województwie małopolskim. W tym roku łącznie w wydarzeniu wzięło udział 16 tys....

Międzynarodowy Kongres Klimatyczna Regeneracja Miast

Międzynarodowy Kongres Klimatyczna Regeneracja Miast

Kongres Klimatyczna Regeneracja Miast Współpracowaliśmy przy realizacji wydarzenia, którym jest międzynarodowy kongres "Klimatyczna Regeneracja Miast". Nasz zakres działań dla tego wydarzenia to: Praca nad koncepcją wydarzenia Pomoc przy tworzeniu scenariusza Kontent...

Krakowskie Forum Wynagrodzeń

Krakowskie Forum Wynagrodzeń

Krakowskie Forum Wynagrodzeń 2022 Zakres realizacji naszych prac: 2 ekrany LED o łącznej powierzchni 20 m2 oświetlenie architektoniczne jak i efektowe 40 metrowa scena wyłożona błyszczącym czarnym hipsem trio potężnych kamer Blackmagic (2x URSA Broadcast G2, Pocket...

IX Gala Nagród Środowiska Studenckiego „Pro Juvenes”

IX Gala Nagród Środowiska Studenckiego „Pro Juvenes”

W roku 2021 odbyła się IX Gala Nagród Środowiska Studenckiego „Pro Juvenes”. Nagrody przyznawane były w 11 kategoriach: kultura studencka, studenckie inicjatywy prozdrowotne, studia na lepsze, koła naukowe, media studenckie, student naukowiec, student...

Polish Economic Forum

Polish Economic Forum

Wielokamerowa transmisja on-line Na zlecenie firmy Gridaly, 11-12 marca wykonaliśmy wielokamerową transmisje online z połączeniami zdalnymi, a także zadbaliśmy o nagłośnienie przy jednym z największych wydarzeń o Polsce zagranicą - LSE SU Polish Economic Forum 2022....


we will handle your conference, congress, company meeting, sports event with the utmost care



"Thanks to your professional work, we were able to organize this historic event together, which will be remembered by our distinguished guests for many years"

Holocaust Research Center of the Jagiellonian University

"Każdorazowo firma wykazuje olbrzymią fachowość, profesjonalne doradztwo i kreatywność. W pełni spełniła oczekiwania i przyczyniła się do sukcesów tych wydarzeń"

American Consulate General

"As part of many years of cooperation, the employees have proved to be high-class specialists. They were characterized by professionalism, creativity and openness"

Centrum Kancelarii Rektora UEK

"The basis of our contacts was reliability, professionalism, which are combined with personal commitment to cooperation and sensitivity to the individual needs of the client, resulting in an excellent visual setting."


"Reliability and professional approach to various technical issues are just some of the features of the company's employees"

Cracow University of Technology

"They are people worth recommending, with unquestionable technical competence and excellent organization"

Organizer of the European YoYo Championship



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