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Video streaming to several cameras, Internet broadcasting
on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms. Sending the signal to other rooms and locations.

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Types of broadcasted events






and medicine

and jewelers


We provide live streaming for all types of events – we do live video.
In addition to online streaming, we create the visuals for the shows.
We are a company that provides a service for broadcasting and video recording.

On-line transmissions, multi-platform streaming

facebook live
serwer zewnętrzny

.Facebook and YouTube broadcasts are currently our most popular broadcasts.
You can communicate to a wide range of users using the social media. See why it’s important – by clicking a platform
We enable multistreaming, i.e. transmission to several platforms simultaneously.
We can emit the signal where the technology allows it e.g. To mixer, smashcast, vlive, periscope, wowza, akamai, vapers, steam

Equipment that guarantees reliability

We work with reliable professional equipment from well-known and reputable brands. The best technical solutions ensure a consistent message and communication with the audience. Experienced technical support staff will ensure trouble-free transmission and swift trouble-shooting.
We also rent our equipment to other projects, these include transmission equipment, HDSDI cameras, video mixers and other audio/video equipment.
online broadcast
HD quality

Excellent FullHD, HD quality

We use proven H.264 hardware and system encoders for live transmission in FullHD (1080p) quality. Streaming to players such as Facebook, YouTube allows the resolution to be changed depending on the Internet connection. Due to the limitations of the Facebook platform, transmission is possible in the maximum HD resolution.

Watch live streaming on any device

mobile friendly


Our webcasts are secure and playable by viewers on all digital devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones: iPhone, Blackberry, Android. We do the streaming on the event’s website, Facebook channel, YouTube or via dedicated links. Broadcasts can be password-protected which helps limiting viewers and giving access. Each viewer may adjust volume, change resolution and rewind

See some of our projects

Play Video

(Szczyt klimatycznny, Katowice)

Play Video

(Prezydent Miasta Krakowa, Kraków)

Play Video

(GPW, Warszawa)

Play Video

Technology webinars
(J-labs, Warszawa)

Play Video

Public events
(Forum Ekonomiczne, Krynica)

Play Video

(Muzyka zaklęta w drewnie, Kraków)

Play Video

Extreme sports
(Redbull 400, Zakopane)

Play Video

Sports competitions
(NoLimit Kasprowy, Kasprowy Wierch)

About live feeds

live streaming

Live Streaming

Comprehensive multi-camera solutions for VOD content and real-time live streaming to the Internet.



The material collected during the transmission may be transferred as a recording of the conference for archiving and reuse

social streaming

Social streaming

We broadcast to all social media platforms. The most popular streaming is streaming to Facebook and YouTube.

consulting and advice

Consulting and advice

Our solutions are tailored to the nature of the event. We optimise live broadcasting to the client’s budget.

your brand content

Your brand content

So, we decide what the final broadcast actually is. We design, create and manage images to enhance visibility of the company and its business profile. We create content in an aesthetically pleasing and professional manner while following the company’s image policy.

internet connection

Internet connection

A tested Internet access for online transmission is a key element for its success. If required, we provide the necessary internet connectivity from radio solutions, LTE to satellite stations.



When social media is not an option, we offer our streaming server along with a responsive HTML player that can be inserted into any website.



We broadcast the audio/video signal to websites in the form you need.


Picture-in-picture is a technology that allows multiple layers to be displayed simultaneously in a single image. Each layer is configured separately to allow for positioning, cropping and scaling. More often than not, we show a camera image together with a presentation of the speaker together with an animated or fixed background. This form is the best to keep the attention of the audience.
picture in picture
html5 technology

HTML5 broadcast player

We can include a colour- and image-matched broadcast player on the website. It allows broadcasts to be played in multiple language tracks, is adapted to mobile devices, and allows resizing, quality and scrolling. The player may come in a chat version to interact with viewers. Our own streaming server with proprietary software allows us to password-protect each transmission and generate the appropriate number of passwords, one user – one password or one passport for many users.

We do not fear the distance

Events are organised all over Poland, including. We provide our services mainly in the provincial cities of the south-central part of Poland: Krakow, Warsaw, Lodz, Wroclaw Katowice, Rzeszow and if something impossible is required, we go to Poznan, Gdansk, Szczecin and Tarnow. In the Lesser Poland region, we are one of the few companies with such knowledge and experience. Our regular clients mainly also request online broadcasts from abroad, largely from the neighbouring countries: Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

online streaming in whole poland

The most popular options


HD/FullHD quality

2 cameras

1 Operator

Event registration

Transmission to a SM portal

Bars, animations, boards

Viewing statistics


HD/FullHD quality

3 Cameras

2 Operators

Event registration

Streaming server

Transmission to a SM portal

(Picture-in-Picture) presentation

Event website

Bars, animations, boards

Viewing statistics


HD/FullHD quality

4 Cameras

4 Operators

Event registration

Streaming server

Transmission to a SM portal

(Picture-in-Picture) presentation

Event website

Bars, animations, boards

Viewing statistics

Realisations on other media