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Join to Event is an electronic event participant management system for events, it has been designed by practitioners – organisers of many events in collaboration with a team of programmers and IT specialists.

The system offers a comprehensive solution to support the registration process for participants and the event, by:

  • registration of arriving guests,
  • printing badges at the venue, if needed,
  • control of access to selected areas for participants, organisers, visitors,
  • selection of attractions and panels by users,
  • rapid e-mail and text messaging to participants,
  • sending attachments, commercial offers
  • reporting and generation of a list of people at selected locations and times.

Once all the information gathered is analysed, any event organiser will appreciate the opportunities which come with JTE when planning their next event.

Effectiveness and quality:

For organisers

  • more time to prepare the content side of the event,
  • easier management of the event process,
  • building the image of a modern outlook on event organisation,
  • permanent access to up-to-date lists of registrants and current participants
  • control of access to dedicated areas or sites,
  • surveying the attendance of participants at thematic sessions,
  • more opportunities to communicate with registrants and speakers,
  • enhanced possibilities for documenting and recording the event,
  • event participants more satisfied because of reduced time of servicing them.

For participants:

  • simple and quick registration,
  • convenience and comfort in moving around the event,
  • all programme points with one identifier
  • event information in one place,
  • emailed or texted information from the organisers,

Types of participant identifiers:

The following may be used for participant identification:

  • contactless cards,
  • pendants,
  • wristbands,
  • lanyard badges (with NFC stickers)
  • Badges/ ID tags with QRcodes or barcodes

The above solutions offer a range of possibilities for using the system.
Participants can not only be identified by their permissions in the system, but also, for example, by the colour of their wristbands. Identifiers are pre-coded and can be picked by participants at the registration desk. Once they are handed out, the event is actually managed from a single hub. As a result, permissions can be assigned very quickly, which translates into work efficiency and visitor flow. In addition, we can print the badges straight from the system, which is a great time-saving measure for organisers.


  • Access control – the access control module verifies whether a participant has the right permissions and records their presence in the system.
  • Catering – gives total control over the number of meals served, the number of people, the most frequently selected options and ensures that a meal is only taken once if necessary
  • Cloakroom/lending room – event participants can leave their belongings in the cloakroom all with their badge, they will be assigned a block no. on which they have their belongings
  • Mobile photo booth – the personal badges handed out to participants allow them to efficiently upload photos and attachments from the event
  • Reporting – reports and participation statistics provide the organiser with a complete overview of important data, which gives them the comfort of being in control of their event.